2008 Gold Circle Inductee Chris Wedes


When Chris Wedes came to Seattle in 1958 to take a job at KIRO-TV, little did he know that the job he took a pay cut for (from $800 a month to $600), would have such a profound and lasting impact 50 years later.

As the man-behind-the-make-up, Chris's natural talent and showmanship on the J.P. Patches Show was the principal reason why the show was the longest-running locally-produced children's television program in the U.S. Its 23 year run made a lasting impression on generations of kids who to this day are proud to call themselves "Patches Pals".

Over the years Chris has made countless fundraising appearances for local charities. His dedication and support to Children's Hospital, visiting sick kids and promoting the work they do, is a cause he still supports to this day.