The NATAS Northwest Foundation
Scholarship Program

Since 1985, the NATAS Northwest Chapter has awarded over 90 scholarships to aspiring television professionals sharpening their storytelling skills at universities in our five-state region of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Alaska. The current scholarship amount is in the form of a $2,500 cash grant.


General Scholarship Information

NATAS NW awards up to three scholarships a year: two general scholarships and a third honoring Tricia Moen. The goal of the NATAS Northwest Scholarship Program is to sustain promising college/university students in the pursuit of their studies in the field of television.

Our scholarship program would not have been possible without the initial contributions from those who helped establish our scholarship fund. Those contributors included the University of Washington School of Communications, the families of Elizabeth Wright Evans, Pat Egan, Arthur Pattison and Don McCune.

Since that time, fundraising activities, donations from YOU, and a very generous donation to start the Tricia Moen Memorial Scholarship have all allowed for funding these annual donation.

BUT without the support from YOU, we would not be able to continued with these scholarships.
The Board of Governors of NATAS Northwest will be forever grateful for the generosity of all
these vital partners.

Who can apply for a natas northwest scholarship?

Any college student (fall of the upcoming year) living or attending college in our 5-state region (WA, OR, ID, MT & AK). The scholarship is limited to students studying or participating in a TV/video program or projects.


tricia moen memorial scholarship

In 2011, through an anonymous donation, we were able to start a memorial scholarship to honor a young television professional - Tricia Moen (1972-2011) - who was taken far too young from her family, friends and a promising career as a consummate television producer. Tricia helmed the newscasts at KOMO 4 News in Seattle, juggling breaking stories, everyday news content, and celebrity guests, even during her two bouts with cancer. Tricia shared her journey on-air with viewers as she courageously fought her disease.

Each year, NATAS awards a scholarship in her memory, with the hope of inspiring young producers to relish their lives and their vocation.

How can you help?

Click on the donate button at the top of this page.  All contributions to the Scholarship Foundation are tax deductible.

Previous Scholarship Recipients