student Awards

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Thank you to all the schools and students who have entered the Student Production Awards.

Nominees Announced

Entries submitted were produced between January 1st, 2017 to February 16th, 2018, provided the content was not entered in the previous year's Student Awards. 

Judging is done by professionals in the Northwest Region.  We are honored to announce this year's nominees:

2018 Northwest Regional High School Nominees

2018 Northwest Region College Nominees

To submit an entry correction:

Copy the category title and entry text from the nomination list and paste into your email program twice. Edit the second copy and highlight the changes to make them easier to see. It should look something like this: 

Station Excellence
Old: Title of piece; company; John Doe, writer/director
New: Title of piece; company; John Doe, Writer/Producer

Then email to with subject EMMY CORRECTIONS. 

Adding a student name to an entry

If you have worked on an entry nominated but you do not see your name, first reach out to your adviser or submitter. We need verification of your involvement in order to add a name. Be sure you include title (Producer, Writer, etc.) for each student.

Equity Access Fee Waiver

Did you miss out on this for 2018?  The NATAS Northwest Board of Governors is pleased to offer this High School Waiver. 

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences promotes excellence by showcasing work created by high school students in news, craft and programming categories.  The intent of the NATAS Northwest Equity Access Fee Waiver is to eliminate a financial barrier that may otherwise keep a talented student or team of students from entering their work in the High School Student Production Awards. NATAS Northwest is offering a limited of number of fee waivers to public schools that have 40% or more of their student population eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. A teacher from an eligible school should fill out the waiver form and receive approval before submitting awards. NATAS Northwest will grant no more than three waivers per school. There are a limited number of waivers available so we encourage interested educators submit their request as early as possible.

This waiver form will be used for consideration for the 2019 Awards, when received no later then January 15, 2019.