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Receiving an Emmy® nomination is significant and praise worthy. Receiving an Emmy® Award is much more difficult and to be especially honored.

You have your Emmy® statuette and/or nomination certificate at home, but wouldn't it be nice to have to have something awesome to display at work? Now you can. The production and nomination plaques are elegantly done wall displays that would look mightly fine behind your desk at work. But if you are interested in something that really pops, take a look at the glass crystals. Everyone who has looked at one says they are truely beautiful.

The store is also open to significant contributors of Emmy® awarded or nominated entries. You, too, can purchase a production plaque, nomination plaque or glass crystal to proudly display your contribution. To establish yourself as a significant contributor to an entry, the original entrant must submit a letter to the NATAS Northwest office attesting to your significant contribution.

Finally, the employers of an Emmy® Award recipient may order a commemorative version of the Emmy® Statuette for display purposes only.

To place an order or if you have any questions, contact the NATAS Northwest office. We will happily assist you.

All prices include engraving, shipping and taxes.

NATAS Northwest
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Emmy® Statuette - $350

A replacement statuette may be ordered by an Award recipient to replace a statuette that has been broken, become tarnished or scratched, or to replace an old style rectangular base statuette.

Commemorative Statuettes – Stations, studios and production companies may order a commemorative statuette for public display at their place of business (up to a maximum of three per winning entry). The statuette is engraved the same as the actual Emmy® Award, with the word “commemorative” added on the rear of the statuette. No additional or special wording is allowed.

About Award Ownership – Emmy® Awards are presented to individuals, not to their employers. It is the individual entrant’s achievement that is being judged and recognized. Ownership of the Emmy® statuette is retained by the individuals and The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, even if an employer pays entry fees.

Black curved glass crystal with Emmy® Image
5"x7" - $115 • 8"x6" - $125 • 10"x7" - $150

These are beautiful and once you see one up close you'll want one for yourself. You can order one today if you are an Emmy® Award recipient or nominee. Significant contributors may also purchase one of these fine glass crystals.

Production and Nomination Certificates - $50

You made a significant contribution to an Emmy® awarded entry, but you weren't on the Entry form. Now you can proudly display your contribution to the piece.

Your old certificate got lost or damaged while moving or something and you would like to replace it.