The Tricia Moen Memorial Scholarship

1972 – 2011

Donation to the scholarship may be made from our Scholarship Donations page.

Tricia Moen was an inspiration. She passed away in 2011 after a fierce and courageous battle with colorectal cancer. Tricia learned of her diagnosis while working as a producer at KOMO-TV in Seattle. It would be hard to fault anyone facing stage 4 cancer for quitting their job to focus on their treatment and enjoying the time they had left. Tricia did not do that. She stayed on the job – just as dedicated and passionate as before the diagnosis. Tricia fought with tenacity and a wicked sense of humor. This scholarship was created to pay tribute to her memory by giving others a chance to be an inspiration in their own life and career. We're looking specifically for someone interested in pursuing broadcast journalism with an emphasis on producing and writing. This is where Tricia found her success not only through hard work – but also through her warmth, empathy and kindness to those who worked alongside her.

Shine the Light  

'There are times in our lives and places in our lives that only we can go ourselves. We have to go into those woods ourselves. And hopefully when we get there, as we get closer, we'll see all the people that we love standing at the edge holding a flashlight to show us the way out.'

Jennifer Nettles, Sugarland

Please take a moment to learn more about Tricia by watching the following videos, courtesy of KOMO-TV.