2012 - 49th Annual Emmy® Recipients

The Recipients were announced at the 2012 Emmy® Awards Ceremony held on June 2.

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2012 - 49th Annual Emmy® Recipients.doc

Station Excellence

  • KING 5 - The Home Team; KING; Ray Heacox, President/General Manager

Community Service

  • Don't Turn Away; KOBI; Bob Wise, Vice President/General Manager

Morning/Daytime News (Markets 1-20)

  • February Snow; KOMO; Michele Morin, Executive Producer

Evening News (Markets 1-20)

  • KOMO 4 News at 11pm February 23; KOMO; Nathan Wilson, Executive Producer

Morning/Daytime News (Markets 21-80)

  • Morning News - January 19, 2011; KATU; Brad Reed, News Producer

Evening News (Markets 21-80)

  • Tsunami: Half A World Away; KGW; Rick Taylor, News Producer

Morning/Daytime News (Markets 81+)

  • Today's Morning News - August 24th, 2011; KTVB; Erica Rush, Producer

Evening News (Markets 81+)

  • FOX9 News at 9:00; KNIN; Jonathan Bobango, Producer

Breaking News

  • Amanda Knox Verdict; KING; Peter O'Connell, Producer; Dan Rasmussen, Producer
  • House Explosion; KOMO; Holly Gauntt, Vice President/News Director

Team Coverage

  • Amanda Knox Comes Home; KING; Peter O'Connell, Executive Producer
  • Chief Painter Killed; KATU; Don Pratt, News Director

Spot News

  • Vancouver Riots; KIRO; Gary Horcher, Reporter; Jim Waltz, Photographer
  • Wild Weather; KPTV; Corey Hanson, Executive News Director

Continuing Coverage

  • Bully with a Badge; KING; Kellie Cheadle, Executive Producer; Linda Byron, Investigative Reporter; Steve Douglas, Investigative Photographer

News Special

  • One Year Later: Where's Kyron?; KGW; Rich Kurz, Special Projects Manager; Paul Kenney, Director

Informational Program/Special

  • Making a Difference; KING; Andrea Oess, Producer

General Assignment Report - Within 24 Hours

  • The Curious Case of Mr. B; KING; Chris Daniels, Reporter; Ryan Coe, Photojournalist/Editor

General Assignment Report - No Time Limit

  • Chimp Release; KOMO; Eric Johnson, Reporter/Anchor; Eric Jensen, Photographer

Feature News Report - Light Feature

  • The Gift; KING; John Sharify, Reporter/Writer; Matt Mrozinski, Photographer/Editor

Feature News Report - Serious Feature

  • A Family's Courage; KING; Joe Fryer, Reporter; Matt Mrozinski, Photojournalist

Investigative Report

  • Their Crime, Your Dime; KING; Kellie Cheadle, Executive Producer; Chris Ingalls, Investigative Reporter; Steve Douglas, Investigative Photographer

News Series

  • The Body Farm; KOMO; Eric Jensen, Photographer; Elisa Jaffe, Reporter

Sports - News Single Story or Series

  • Living the Dream; KOIN; Tim Becker, Reporter; Bill Cortez, Photographer

Business/Consumer - News

  • You've Been Flagged; KOMO; Matt Markovich, Reporter

Environment - News

  • Defending Silence; KING; John Sharify, Reporter/Writer; Douglas Burgess, Photographer/Editor

Health/Science - News

  • Defying Disease; KOIN; Tim Becker; Bill Cortez

Politics/Government - News

  • Political coverage 2011; KING; Robert Mak, Political Reporter

Crime - News

  • 25 Years Unsolved; KTVB; Jamie Grey, Reporter; Michael di Donato, Photographer

Human Interest - Feature/Segment

  • Disgusting Dare; KING; Jim Dever, Talent; Tom Bishop, Photojournalist/Editor

Arts/Entertainment - Feature/Segment

  • AM Northwest-Dave's Globetrotter Nightmare; KATU; Steve Denari, Producer; Dave Anderson, Host; Helen Raptis, Host; Bryon Garvin, Photographer; Craig Birnbach, Sports Anchor

Arts/Entertainment - Program Special

  • Art Zone with Nancy Guppy Series; Seattle Channel; Nancy Guppy, Executive Producer/Host; Sheila Mullen, Producer; Peggy Lycett, Editor

Historic/Cultural - Feature/Segment

  • Prison Camp Pilot; KING; Michael King, Reporter/Producer; Tom Voelk, Photographer

Historic/Cultural - Program/Special

  • Outdoor Idaho: Salmon River Lodges and Legacies; Idaho Public Television; John Crancer, Producer

Health/Science - Segment

  • Elk at Mount St. Helens; OPB; Vince Patton, Reporter; Michael Bendixen, Videographer/Editor

Health/Science - Program/Special

  • Miracle Season; KOMO; DW Clark, Producer; Brian Cherry, Director

Informational/Instructional - Feature/Segment

  • Bonney Butte Raptors; KGW; Grant McOmie

Informational/Instructional - Program/Special

  • Go Green! A KATU Family Matters Earth Day Special; KATU; Steve Denari, Producer; Bryon Garvin, Photographer; Kris Gurrad, Graphic Designer

Sporting Event/Game - Live/Unedited - Program/Special

  • Portland Timbers Soccer; ROOT SPORTS; Patrick Brown, Senior Director; Jon Bradford, Executive Producer; Mike Pike Parker, Producer

Sports - Feature/Segment

  • Iron Heart; SWX; Jordan Caskey, Photographer/Editor; John Fritz, Reporter/Producer

Sports - Program Series

  • The Joy of Fishing; Beaver Hill Productions; Travis Cooper, Producer/Photographer/Editor; Wayne Van Burger, Producer/Host; Shawn L. Hanlin - OCCI/SWOCC, Host/Executive Chef

Sports - One-Time Special

  • Dream Chaser; Iditarod Trail Productions; Greg Heister, Producer/Director/Writer/Editor/Narrator; Stan Hooley, Executive Director; Chas St George, Producer

Special Event Coverage (Other than News or Sports)

  • 2011 Golden Apple Awards; KCTS; Josephine Cheng, Producer/Reporter; Dave Ko, Director/Photographer/Editor; Greg Davis, Photographer/Editor


  • KIRO 7 Mobile Tweetup; KIRO; Michael Fox, Videographer/Producer; Jenni Hogan, Host/Producer; Paul Balcerak, Web Producer

Public/Current/Community Affairs - Feature/Segment

  • Treeverse; OPB; Jule Gilfillan, Producer

Public/Current/Community Affairs - Program/Special

  • Rachel's Challenge; KING; Joan Kinsey, Producer/Writer; Mimi Jung, Anchor/Writer

Politics/Government - Program/Special

  • KING 5 News Up Front: A Justice's battle; KING; Robert Mak, Anchor/reporter; Mike Blakey, Editor; Lawrence Kite, Photographer

Interview/Discussion - Program/Special

  • City Inside/Out: Teen Sex Trafficking; Seattle Channel; Susan Han, Senior Producer; C R Douglas, Host/Producer; Matt Peterson, Photographer/Editor

Documentary - Cultural

  • Community Stories - Dr. Ruby; Seattle Channel; Peggy Lycett, Producer/Photographer/Editor; Alesia Massingale, Producer

Documentary - Historical

  • REEL NW: Mighty Jerome; KCTS; Charles Officer, Director

Documentary - Topical

  • Facing the Storm: Story of the American Bison; MontanaPBS; Daniel Dauterive, Producer; Doug Hawes-Davis, Producer/Director; Rita Pastore, Producer

Promotion - News Promo - Single Spot

  • KOMO News Network; KOMO; Pete Lowell, Producer/Senior Designer; Ryan Severn, Director/Editor; Nick Junke, Videography/Lighting; Nick Pavlovsky, Videography/Lighting

Promotion - News Promo - Campaign

  • KING 5 Image Campaign "Promise" ; KING; Cherylynne Crowther; Mark Feijo, Director; Ryan Subica, Producer

Promotion - Program - Single Spot

  • The Office Double Shot; KSTW; Kyle Broulette, Art Director/Animator; Winslow Barger, Editor/Writer; Dean Poor, CSD/Producer

Promotion - Program - Campaign

  • KBTC Mystery Vignettes; KBTC Public Television; John Llewellyn Moxey, Producer/Director; Michael Peters, Videographer/Editor

Community/Public Service (PSAs) - Single Spot

  • I Am for the Child; The Matale Line/Pravda; Paul Singer, Executive Creative Director

Community/Public Service (PSAs) - Campaign

  • KGW Live Well; KGW; Skyler Stever, Writer/Producer/Director/Editor; Kevin Ebel, Director of Photography

Commercial - Single Spot

  • BECU Presents UW's "Bow Down to Washington"; Colehour+Cohen/BECU; Liv Faris, Producer/Director; Dee Austin Robertson, Photographer/Editor; Jay Kenney, Sound Designer/Sound Mixer; Anna Petrocco, Assistant Producer; Toby Travis, Executive Producer/Client

Commercial - Campaign

  • LifeWise Health Plan of WA TV Campaign: Resolutions, Thumbs Up, and Work It; Copacino+Fujikado; Jim Copacino, Creative Director; Mike Hayward, Copywriter; Shawn Herron, Art Director

Anchor - News

  • Steve Dunn Composite; Steve Dunn; KATU

Anchor - Sports

  • Chris Egan Composite; Chris Egan; KING

Anchor - Weather

  • Jeff Renner; Jeff Renner; KING

Program Host/Moderator

  • Sharify on the Mountain; John Sharify; KING

Reporter - General Assignment

  • Sharify's Stories; John Sharify; KING

Reporter - Programming

  • Climb of a Lifetime; John Sharify; KING

Director - Live or Live on tape

  • Patrick Brown - Director; Patrick Brown; ROOT SPORTS

Director - Post Production

  • Oregon Experience: Linus Pauling; Nadine Jelsing; OPB

News Producer

  • Jill Mullican, Producer; Jill Mullican; KOMO

Writer - News

  • Sharify's Stories; John Sharify; KING

Writer - Program

  • Climb of a Lifetime; John Sharify; KING

Photographer - News

  • Matt Mrozinski Composite; Matt Mrozinski; KING

Photographer - Program

  • Climb of a Lifetime; Douglas Burgess; KING

Photographer - Video Essay

  • Michael Fox Nat Sound Video Essay; Michael Fox; KIRO

Editor - News

  • Field Studies on the Human Condition; Douglas Burgess; KING

Editor - Program

  • Climb of a Lifetime; Douglas Burgess; KING

Graphic Arts

  • Smithsonian Libraries; Judah Houser; Jason Reinhardt; Adam Denning; Lockheed Martin


  • My Name Is Lockheed Martin; Fran Dreis; Lockheed Martin

Video Journalist

  • Reporting from North Idaho...; Mike Perry; KHQ

Reporter - News Special Assignment

  • Problem Solvers: Terror on the Tracks; Liz Rocca; KOMO